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About accessing subscription based videos

Purpose: Incorporating simple health routine to take care of your holistic health – physical, mental and emotional in the privacy of your own home at your convenient time

Who can subscribe: Everyone who wants to incorporate simple health routine to improve holistic health including busy professionals, stay-at-home moms, young and older adults and even seniors.

Rates: Monthly ($20), 3-monthly ($45), 6-monthly ($75), and yearly ($120)

What you will find: Simple yoga routines with easy to follow instructions to systematically guide you.

 If you live in the San Francisco Bay-area, please contact Shubhangi to attend the session in person.

She can be emailed on in case of any questions.

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Millennium Yoga About this e-book

The idea behind this book was formed when Shubhangi wanted to give a gift to her son on his 21st birthday. While thinking about giving him “something that will last for ever”, she thought of sharing her core values and deep beliefs with him. After writing them down, it was apparent that these thoughts are universal and are not only applicable to her son but perhaps to herself; she too needed to be reminded of them from time to time. And thus was born this book: “O my mind…”.

This book is an ideal gift to all teenagers and young adults who are exploring their life-purpose.









 Relaxation CD

Millennium YogaShubhangi is a Certified Yoga Practitioner teaching Yoga in the East Bay Community of Silicon Valley, CA since 2001.

Stress management seems to be the biggest challenge faced by people of all ages today. Shubhangi has developed 40 minutes of audio instruction to help achieve complete relaxation through a series of breathing and meditation techniques. Follow these simple instructions in Shubhangi’s calming and assuring voice to experience total relaxation of mind and body.

This is the most ideal gift for the overall well-being of the loved ones and the self.